Albert Porter's System

Please click on the above image for a much larger view.

The best system I have ever built is not built yet. Unfortunately this process is a journey, not a destination. I am very happy right now, so I will lay it out for you:

Source: Walker Proscenium Signature, with the Prologue base, and air suspension system.
Tonearm: Walker air bearing linear and the Walker Black Gate motor controller.
Cartridge: Koetsu Rosewood Platinum Signature.
Phono stage: Aesthetix IO, factory custom equipped with dual outboard power supplies.
Line stage: Aesthetix Callisto, factory custom equipped with dual outboard power supplies. (This makes a six box, 300 pound preamp with four power cords).
Speakers: Soundlab Ultimate 1's with cryogenically treated power supplies (thanks Purist Audio and NASA), Soundlab speakers were factory wired (custom order) with Purist Dominus wire throughout.
Amps: Wolcott Presence Mono Blocks with the new high band transformer, re tubed with Mullard and Telefunken. All internal power runs in Wolcott replaced with Purist Dominus, Wonder Soldered, replacing original connectors.
Cable: every wire run, single ended and balanced, (and even INSIDE the Io and Callisto) is Purist Audio Dominus or Dominus Radiant Light Source materials, including AC cable.

For the (occasional) digital session, I use a Sony SACD 9000 ES. I am currently working on modifying my ART DI/O to use as a Redbook D to A converter.

There are other details such as additional tube selection, my custom 6061 alloy equipment stands, Cryo treated AC outlets and star grounding, but will reserve discussion only for those who care to delve that deeply.

The system as featured in the photograph is no longer. All of this gear (Versa Dynamics Turntable, Soundlab A1 and Atmasphere MA 2 Mono blocks) have been replaced since photographed in mid 1990. This entire space was torn out to bare earth and load bearing walls in August of this year (2001).

When reconstruction is complete, the space will be acoustically finished by AEC, the engineering firm for the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas. When this project is complete in the early months of 2002, I will take another photograph and give to Mark Gilmore to post here.

The room is not dedicated although my wife claims it is, it's our living room. The dimensions are nineteen and a half feet wide, thirty three feet long, and with a ceiling that vaults from eight foot two inches to twelve and a half feet. I have sixteen dedicated 120 volt AC runs, and two 240 volt AC runs, each with their own 20 (or 50) Amp breaker and separate dedicated grounds. Plans are for 6 RPG panels and 6 Tube Traps behind the Soundlab speakers. This in addition to the wall and ceiling treatment provided by AEC.

There is a surround sound system within the stereo as well. It gets fired up on the weekend. I use a Atmasphere mono block for my dialogue channel, Sound Valves for the side and rear channels, and self powered subs. None of this stuff integrates with my two channel system, except when the Soundlab become the "front" channel for movies. Really a great surround system with all those tubes.

          Albert Porter