New SL Toroid June 18, 2019, 2:14pm
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April 18, 2013, 1:14am Report to Moderator
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Lew they sound good now, but wait until it runs in after another 500 hours
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April 19, 2013, 11:15am Report to Moderator
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I don't know what happened to my reply. Yes, you are correct, and the 350 Hz point is more ideal. What I said in the lost post is that Dr. West commented on the possibility of putting in a switch which would alternate the brown and green wires from the toroid. What really surprises me is the exceedingly long break in period (now at 200 hrs. and still needing more time).
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April 20, 2013, 7:17am Report to Moderator
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I am surprised that SL still aims at a 500Hz, -3db point.  I would have thought that part of the reason for the new toroid was to make possible a lower crossover point. 350Hz sounds right.

I started with 20 Ohms shunting the new toroid primary, and preferred it's tonal balance in listening tests. With 36uF series capacitor, this yielded a theoretical 221Hz -3dB frequency, but the complex mixing of the LF transformer output, with the toroids masks this when measured with a microphone. But I drive these panels with 600W JC-1 amplifiers, and strong bass notes would saturate the toroid. Makes a nasty cracking sound.

I finally settled on 12 Ohms, which Roger said was about as high as you could go and still have a low enough shunt resistance to keep the toroid from saturating. I also use the yellow LF Transformer tap (-3dB). That seems to provide adequate bass in my room, while making the speakers bullet proof.
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